Here is some information to help you understand why header and exhaust systems are designed the way they are.

Materials Use: at Paul’s Custom Headers & Exhaust we use #304 alloy stainless steel flanges. These are laser cut for proper fit to the cylinder heads. CAD design and CNC technology ensure that we have the best fit possible.

#304 stainless steel tubing is the industry standard dollar for dollar. It resists corrosion and controls exhaust gas temperature over mild steel. This will ensure the best possible performance. #321 stainless steel tubing has an even higher resistance to heat, so it may be used for extreme conditions, such as turbo headers and exhaust.

Design Goals: “Bigger is not better”. A Properly ‘tuned’ header gives you the best power and torque throughout the RPM range. Tube diameter and length are the keys to optimizing the headers usefulness. You may want more top end for drag racing, more mid-range for cruisin’ or more torque for off-road or towing applications. The right header can help you achieve your goal.

Proper fit is also very important. Poorly fitting headers can be very frustrating. Spark plug access, oil filter access, ground clearance are a few of the concerns.

At Paul’s Custom Headers & Exhaust, our design goals are to meet your goals and expectations of performance and fit.

Our Team has the most design and engineering experience in the North East and beyond. From NHRA to Nascar, imports to monster trucks, off-shore racing to custom Harley Davidson designs, we’ve done it all with great success.

Paul's Custom Headers and Exhaust.